Typical case histories


GRS Bridge Abutment and GRS Integral Bridge

Under construction
Oct. 2011
Completed Aug. 2012
GRS Brideg Abutment (using bearings), Hokkaido Shinkansen
GRS Integral Brideg at Haipe, Sanriku Railway,April 2014

Geosynthetic-ReinforcedSoil (GRS) Retaining Wall with FHR facing

Re-construction of a gentle slope to a vertical wall for a yard of Shinkansen at Biwajima, Nagoya
Shinkansen yard at Biwajima, Nagoya, 1989 - 1990
(average wall height= 5m & total length= 930m)
GRS RW with FHR facing, 1992
A week after the 1995 Kobe Earthquake
GRS RW for JR Kobe Line, Tanata

Nail-Reinforced Soil (NRS) Retaining Wall

RRR-C (on the left side) and RRR-B (on the right side)
Reconstruction of railway embankment, Rokuzizo Station, JR Narita Line, constructed 1992
24 January 1995
Leaning type wall collapsed by the Earthquake
13 June 1995
Completed NRS Retaning wall
NRS Retaining Wall to restore the wall collapsed by the Kobe Earthquake that occurred on January 17, 1995, Kobe, Sumiyoshi

GRS Structure to Prevent Water-Front Disasters

Seawall for Seisho by-pass of National Road No.1, southwest of Tokyo, to restore the gravity type retaining wall collapsed by scouring by ocean wave actions due to Typhoon No.9 [Fitow], 2007
Reconstruction of railway embankment that collapsed by Yamaguchi and Shimane torrential rain of July 2013, near Nayoshigawa between Funahirayama and Tsuwano on Yamaguchi Line, JR-West, from April to May in 2014