Reinforced-soil Road structures with Rigid facing

RRR method

P rogressing together with Shinkansen
RRR systems have been and are being widely adopted for high speed train lines ( Shinkansen ) and many other railways, road structures and coastal revetments. They are highly evaluated as a cost-effective and disaster-resistant reinforced soil technology.
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RRR Construction Method Technology Lecture

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R RR Method Explanatory Video(1,2022)

Construction explanation video uploaded.

This is a video explaining the design concept and construction procedure of RRR method.
P ublished Webinar(10,2020)

Lecture materials were kindly provided by courtesy of Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka (Professor emeritus, University of Tokyo and Tokyo University of Science) and Prof. Kenji Watanabe (Associate Professor, University of Tokyo). Here is the lecture narrated by Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka.

This lecture is part of the Webinar series of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, released on 10th June 2020. It is entitled Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Structures from Walls to Bridges by Tatsuoka, F., and describes the history, core concepts and typical case histories of GRS structures by RRR technology.
You can see the lecture here and/or download, it by right-clicking on the video screen and select "Save as ...".(900Mb)
You can also see this lecture by visiting the ISSMGE homepage (here).
Here is the Power Point file by Prof. Kenji Watanabe.
This is part of Webinar series of iGrip (Initiative for Geotechincial Research & Innovative Practices) which is organized by Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar on 8th, June, 2020. This is the lecture of the Geosynthetics Reinforced Soil Structures for Japan railway by Watanabe, K. This lecture describes the history of earth structure, development of Geosynthetics Reinforced Soil Structures for Japan railway, especially for high speed rail. 507 engineers (mainly Indian engineers) attended this lecture. The presenter asked an interesting question to all the audiences and asked them to answer by using the [Polling system] of Zoom.

Question: Answer in [Yes] (Truth) or [No] (false) to the following comment. 
[Reinforced-soil method is an effective method to reduce earth pressure acting on the wall. Thanks to the reinforcement (geosynthetics or metal strips), the earth pressure usually does not act on the facing. The wall (facing) is used only for covering the backfill, preventing from local erosion and local failure]

229 (70%) audiences answered [Yes] (this sentence is true) and 99 (30%) audiences answered [No] (this sentence is wrong) to this question. Do you know if it is true or not??
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